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Customized Rugged Tablet PC

Flexible Platform

SunMan Engineering can create a Customized Rugged Tablet PC, custom tailored to many vertical industries.

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SunMan Engineering's Expertise in Small Form Factor PC's

The explosion of Tablet PC's in recent years was made possible by advancements in small form factor computers as well as an industry need for more portability and rapid communication.

However, the need for a ruggedized PC started with the military's strict demands for a laptop that could withstand a battery of harsh conditions that can arise in a battlefield situation. It is only a natural progression that these rugged laptop/ tablets make their way into civilian life.

To meet the growing demand for these, and since most of these ruggedized PC products come at a higher price tag than the standard computer, SunMan has taken the unique position to customize tablets for any industry.

SunMan's experience for creating aerospace-grade electronics, as well as desiging small form factor PC's using Intel Chips, is a valuable partner for creating a solution customized to the needs of any customer, whether it be for Mass Production or Short Production Runs for internal use in a company.

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