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Checmical Sensors

A chemical sensor is a device that transforms chemical information, ranging from the concentration of a specific sample component to total composition analysis, into an analytically useful signal. The chemical information, may originate from a chemical reaction of the analyte or from a physical property of the system investigated.

Types of Chemical Sensors SunMan has Expertise in Include:

  • Breathalyzer
  • CO2 Sensor
  • CO Sensor
  • Catalytic Bead Sensor
  • Chemical field-effect Transistor
  • Electrochemical Gas Sensor
  • Electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor sensor
  • Fluorescent Chloride Sensors
  • Holographic Sensor
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer
  • Hydrogen Sensor
  • H2S Sensor
  • Infrared point sensor
  • Ion-selective electrode
  • Nondispersive IR sensor
  • Microwave chemistry sensor
  • N2O sensor
  • Olfactometer
  • Optode
  • O2 Sensor
  • Pellistor
  • pH glass electrode
  • Potentiometric Sensor
  • Redox Electrode
  • Smoke Detector
  • Zinc Oxide nanorod sensor
  • CO2 detector

Types of Sensors SunMan's Expertise Include (click for more information):

Our team has worked with many types of sensors including those mounted on a PCB as well as off-board sensors. We have designed and integrated numerous types of systems, using various types of sensors. SunMan will review all the specifications and accuracy of the sensor, how the sensor output signal varies with environmental factors such as temperature and power supply voltage, as well as the best way to interface it to the electronics.

SunMan's team has proven expertise in the design of various controllers that take and process signals from sensors.

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