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PCB Stackup Impedance Calculator

Calculates the characteristic impedance per unit length parameters of typical

Some of the common Dielectrics & their values:

Relative Dielectric Constants of substrate materials

Material Dielectric constants
FR4 FibreGlass 4.7
Teflon 2.2
Teflon Glass 2.5
Polymide 3.5
Polymide Glass 4.2

Procedure to use the calculator:

1. Select the number of substrate layers.
2. You will then be presented with a table representing the suggested stack-up for that type of substrate.
3. Modify the variables to examine the effects on the trace characteristic impedance.

Number of physical board layers
4 6 8 10 12

Note: All care has been taken to ensure that the results are correct but no responsibility is taken for any errors.

Warning: " The calculators have been designed to work the best to our knowledge, but we do not take the responsibility of the solutions as they are dependent on the user inputs."

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